Pains of Digital Marketing!

After a bit of a break I am delighted to Welcome you to our episode #4 of our “Zoom-Casts Business Pains” where we will be inviting experts to discuss various aspects of common business pains, what are they and how we can make them better!

Today I am delighted to introduced you to one of our Colleagues Consultant, an experience Business Development Consultant and Manchester based Boutique Digital Marketing Agency Owner, Stirling Austin.

In this Episode you will discover:

1. The three most common pains for business owners when they try to deal with their online presence

2. Multilingual Websites, language or culture?

3. And Stirling’s one word of wisdom – YOUR WHYs!

I hope those listening or watching have enjoyed this short on business pains and found it useful! As always, every business pain has it own difficulties but we are here to serve … You can book Stirling or one of our consultants from our Meet the Team page in our website or click here if you need a hand with a particular business pain.

Stay Tune by subscribing and check our YouTube Channel for more business pains shorts and how to make them better You can also follow us in Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, were we share handy tips and updates regularly

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